Level crossing accident 1 dead


Level crossing accident at the death of 1 dead: Usme district of Uşak, passenger train injured in the car accident as a result of a car crossing the level crossing was not recovered.

According to information obtained; Izmir-Uşak voyage mechanic Kazim Sımsıkı passenger train 31619 number one, Şehit Ali Bey neighborhood near the old slaughterhouse near the crossing Hüseyin Can Ariksoy (19) used by the 64 EB 353 car hit. Accident injured car driver Ariksoy, ambulance was removed from the State Hospital.

Hüseyin Can Arıksoy, who was referred to Uşak State Hospital after his first intervention, was not rescued despite all the interventions. The passenger train was kept waiting for a while due to the accident.

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