Disastrous Metrobus Accident in Istanbul

Feci Metrobus Accident in Istanbul: The CİP, which was out of control in Istanbul İncirli, collided with the ongoing metrobus. At least 5 people were injured in the catastrophic accident.

The super fast luxury jeep in Bakırköy on the Istanbul D-100 highway broke the barrier road after breaking the barriers. The jeep collided head-to-head with the metrobus in motion. At least 5 people were injured in the catastrophic accident.


While the accident was reported to be injured, the Metrobus road closed to traffic two-way. It was learned that at least one 5 person was injured.


While the first intervention was made to the wounded with the incident ambulance, the traffic cops closed the way in a controlled manner and tried to remove the vehicles involved in the accident.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:50

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  1. When we look at the kork Similar News bir section just under the news of this accident, it is clear that this accident will be the first, nor the fear. We have commented on this issue many times before az The weakest part of this system (MetyroBüs): the simplest form of a chaotic megapol in Istanbul, as a barrier, which is certain that the traffic is so intense and the drivers do not know the rules, do not recognize and do not fit. This is because it is made of simple steel profile and rope barrier application. At least these barriers must be converted into the EMERGENCY ayol NewJersey ”type, ie the Highways standard concrete barrier. In this way, vehicles will be prevented from entering the MetroBus line by accident. Therefore, at least this system; (1) to work with less interruptions, (2) control lost (! ???!) Vehicles are prevented mutual mutual. With this solution, it will be ensured that one of the conditions is fulfilled in order to provide the basic requirement of at least ”minimum security” in the systems of collective-transport-science, special-line, line protection!