3. Latest situation on the bridge

  1. The last situation on the bridge: Half of the steel deck installation procedures at the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will unite the two sides of Istanbul for the third time, is over.

With the 13th deck to be placed on the Anatolian side of the bridge, the assembly and welding of 59 of 29 floors has ended. The arrival of the deck by the sea, the lifting and the work done were visualized by the cameras.

  1. Works on the Bosphorus Bridge and North Marmara Motorway Project continue. Installation and welding of 923 of 59 steel decks, the heaviest of which is 29 tons on the bridge, has ended. Thus, half of the steel deck assembly processes have been completed. On the other hand, with the installation of steel decks, approximately 108 thousand kilometers of cables were installed on the bridge with the installation of 3 bent suspension ropes, one of the two systems that will carry the bridge. In this context, in the shooting of the main cable, which was started after the construction of its own roads, studies from both European and Asian sides continue simultaneously for two main cables, which are 13 tons in total. The main cable run, which is one of the two systems that will carry the bridge together with the inclined suspension ropes, will take about two months.

In this context, the arrival of the 8 second deck on the Asian side of the bridge which will cross the two-way 13 lane and two lane railways was viewed by the cameras. Steel pieces produced in South Korea, Istanbul Tuzla, Izmit Gebze and Yalova Altinova facilities were installed in the ship after being loaded by sea, the steel deck, was lifted by a floating crane.

On the other hand, it was observed that the ICA security team took strict security measures during the rope lifting operations on the cat road.


The steel decks, which were taken to the level of the bridge, started to be taken directly from the sea by a crane called Derrick Crane. In this way, while the lifting process was progressing fast, the steel deck was lifted on 7 day, although there was floating air and windy sea in this month.

Parts of cranes called Derrick Crane were brought to the construction site to remove the decks that would connect the two continents. Giant cranes, which have already been assembled and have a lifting capacity of one thousand tons, are used in the stage of lifting and placing the steel deck of the bridge from sea and land. Within the scope of the works, the installation of the tables, which will find the weight of the 940 tons, is provided by these cranes. These cranes, which provide lifting of the floors, take sea and land from the bridge, and remove them from the junction of the bridge decks. The lifting capacity of these cranes, which are placed in the continuation of the previous one, is a thousand tons and the weights are around 300 tons. The total number of 59 decks will be lifted with the help of these giant cranes.



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