2 injured in the train bombing in Osmaniye (Video)

Bomb attack on the train in Osmaniye 2 injured: The bomb laid on the train line by PKK in Düziçi District of Osmaniye was detonated as the freight train passed. 2 mechanics were slightly injured.

When the freight train with 29 wagons carrying mineral ore from Gaziantep to the iron and steel facilities in Iskenderun District of Hatay came to the suspension iron bridge between the two mountains in Yarbaşı Town of the district at about 11.30, a bomb previously laid by terrorists was detonated. After the locomotive crossed the bridge, 2 wagons of the train were flying into the creek from a height of about 100 meters, and 2 mechanics were slightly injured.

The health status of the mechanic taken to the hospital said. The trains on the line were canceled due to the explosion of the bridge.



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