YHT lines carried 20 million passengers

YHT lines carried 20 million passengers: 20 million people traveled using High Speed ​​Train (YHT) lines. Half of the construction of the new YHT Station in Ankara is completed, and the station, which will include 4-star hotels, will be opened in 2016.

Feridun Bilgin, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that they aim to put the New Ankara YHT Station, 54 percent completed, into the service of the nation in the first half of 2016. Bilgin made a press release after his examination in the construction site of the New Ankara YHT Station. Bilgin announced that 20 million passengers have traveled with the YHT line so far.


The new station, which will be connected with two underground passes and one above ground, will be connected to Ankaray, Başkentray and Batıkent, Sincan and Keçiören subways and will become the center of the Ankara rail system, “The facility has a capacity of 15 thousand passengers per day, a 4-star hotel, restaurants, It will become one of the most modern high-speed train stations in Europe when it is put into service with its cafes, recreation halls, kiosks and a closed car park for one thousand 255 vehicles. With the work done so far, 54 percent progress has been achieved. We aim to put our staff, which currently employs 730 people, to the service of the nation in the first half of 2016 ”.


Bilgin stated that while the new YHT Station is being built, the existing station building and the facilities around it are protected with a historical-sensitive planning approach, and that the existing station will continue its services on conventional lines. Stating that the Ministry and TCDD are continuing their efforts to implement additional projects and applications especially in the high speed train investments they have made recently, Bilgin said: “More than 20 million passengers were transported in a short time on the High Speed ​​Train lines. In addition to these, we continue to work day and night to knit all parts of our country with high-speed train networks. "


In addition to the Konya-Karaman high-speed train line, which is under construction, Bilgin stated that the works on the route that will connect Ankara to Adana and Mersin via this line are carried out rapidly, and that this line extends to Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye and Gaziantep. After the completion of the project construction works for the Edirne-Istanbul high-speed train line, Bilgin said, “Ankara-Istanbul YHT line, 3rd Airport and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge Halkalı"We are going to the tender for the construction of the part of the line on the Anatolian side to connect to this year."

Will increase the share to 15%

Explaining that they are planning to increase the share of rail transport of the country above 10 percent in passenger and 15 percent in freight by renewing and modernizing the existing lines, Bilgin said that they are making efforts to establish the railways industry, which is the most important part of this business, while renewing railways and commissioning high-speed train lines.

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