The viaducts of the Gulf Crossing Bridge have been completed

The viaducts of the Bay Crossing Bridge have been completed: The construction of the south and north approach viaducts of the İzmit Bay Crossing Suspension Bridge in the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Motorway Project has been completed.

Yalova's Altınova District Governor Nurullah Kaya made a statement after examining the bridge works and said that the south approach viaduct is 400 meters long.

Explaining that the heaviest table, about the size of a stadium, with a weight of 2 thousand 600 tons, a length of 124 meters and a width of 36 meters in the previous weeks, Kaya said, “The south and north approach viaducts of our bridge have been completed. Our bridge has a duty to lower it from a height of 74 meters to 56 meters and then to a code of 8 meters. Now that goal has also been achieved. In addition, our towers, which are also built in the middle of the sea and which are the fourth largest bridge in the world with two tower spans, have been completed ”.

Kaya said that the connections are continuing and the distance between the towers is a thousand 500 meters.

The length of the north and south approach viaducts 2 bin 907 meters that information that gives the Rock, said:

“The shortest distance from the sea to use this road is in this southern part. Again, opposite is the northern approach viaduct whose construction has been completed and it was also completed with a distance of 253 meters. Our expectation is that our bridge will be put into service as soon as possible. Turkish engineers and employees have a serious contribution to the construction of the bridge. In addition to its economic size, the bridge is a serious gain in the name of our country's experience. In this regard, we only have one thousand 100 employees in our bridge area, and our 5 thousand 500 workers, engineers, subcontractor companies and contractor companies serve the country. This gives us pride and honor. "

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