Two trains in India derailed by at least 27 people died

Two trains derailed in India At least 27 people died: two passenger trains derailed in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh while crossing a partially flooded bridge. At least 27 people died and 40 people were injured in the disaster.

First, when the Kamayani Express train, which was traveling from Mumbai to Varanasi, derailed, the Janata Express train coming from the opposite direction crashed.

According to the news in the local media; At the time of the accident, the trains were located on a bridge over the Machak River, 950 kilometers from the capital Delhi.

Railways SözcüAnil Saksena told the BBC, “This unfortunate accident happened due to a sudden flood on the rails; the road collapsed, resulting in the derailment of the Kamayani Express's last six wagons. This train derailed, then simultaneously a train from the opposite side of the side line. This train also encountered a sudden flood situation, ”he said. Saksena added that at least two wagons were partially submerged in river waters.

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