This locomotive is the only one in the world

This locomotive is the only one in the world: the 1910 model two-wheeled steam locomotive in a company operating a coal mine in Amasya is shown as the only model of its model in the world.

Rıza Arabacı, the director of the Old Çeltek Coal Plant, where the locomotive was exhibited, told the İHA correspondent that the German steam locomotive was built in the II. He said that they knew that he used ammunition during World War II. Riza Arabacı said that the 105 annual which is one of the three locomotives exhibited in the operation garden attracted the attention of the museums. Such a locomotive does not exist in Europe, in the world. Böyle

Describing the characteristics of the locomotive, Arabacı said, acı Our company has come to the II. After World War II. He took bullets on the front, brought ammo. He came to us from State Railways. 1970'lerinin coal from the quarry was doing this locomotive. This locomotive had two examples in the world we call two wheels, two metaphors. One of them was in South America. They don't know his fate. They're just saying we have ours. There are two mazis in this world, in this size, this is the only locomotive in this small, Dün he said.

1985 model steam locomotive and other diesel locomotives are similar in different museums, 1910 model locomotive for domestic and international offers from the Arabaci, er Approx. machine to give 'said the museums. But we keep it to show at the mining museum. Annual maintenance. I hope that the mining museum is opened, Maden he said.

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