I wish you hadn't known about the subway

Things that you would say about the subway if I didn't know this: The subway, the urban rail system used for fast transportation and the train operating in this system. Metro lines are located on the ground like other railways. But unlike railways, they also progress underground. Did you know that 15% of the air you breathe in a subway station is human skin?

The specifications made by local administrations in almost all of the metro systems in our country, which are still under construction, are compulsory to comply with NFPA standards.

For Metro systems, many subjects such as fire and life safety measures, fire escape facilities and emergency ventilation systems are solved with the help of NFPA 130 and the designs are made according to this standard.
According to a data in the Calendar Newspaper: 15% of the air you breathe in a metro station is claimed to be human skin.

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