Kecioren Pleasure from the cable car

The cable car from a bird's eye Kecioren Arbitrary: The Keçiören, Turkey's largest district flock to the ski lift those who want a bird's-eye view.

serving since 2008 year period and opened in Turkey and Europe's longest cable car line with the Keçiören Cableway, it continues to attract interest. The ropeway, which has a total length of one thousand 653 meters and which provides both transportation and touristic services between Atatürk Garden in the Subayevleri District and Tepebaşında Dagsizler Dormitory in Tepebaşı, ranks in the top three of the tallest urban ropeway lines. The highest point is the 85 meter, which hosts an average of one thousand passengers per day. The 8 cabin, each with a total of 16 cabinets, has special lighting and offers passengers an 20 ride. Those who want to see Kecioren, Estergon Castle, Kecioren Waterfall, Ataturk Garden, and even Atakule and Hıdırlık Hill are flocking to the cable car. The ropeway, which attracts the attention of the tourists coming to Ankara from outside the city, is more demanding at the weekend.


Late in the day which is also a first in Turkey and the cable car which is subject to a rescue exercise in the European standards are applied to all kinds of security measures. The ropeway facility offers a safe and comfortable transportation service and is periodically maintained for a safe journey.

Turkey's largest district, which Keçiören, evening cable car facilities, which are also for those who wish to see the time at night, considering the heat, summer is serving between 15.00-23.00 hours.

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