Shops in Bursa's Teleferik Terminal Buildings will be leased

Shops in the Cable Car Terminal Buildings of Bursa will be Leased: The shops in the terminal buildings on the longest cable car line in the world are Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. leased by.

Bursa Teleferik Inc., Sarıalan and hotels in the cable car terminal buildings located in the 23 units began to collect the period of demand for a written statement said. While the monthly rental prices of the shops ranging from 16 to 160 square meters were determined on a square meter basis, the deadlines for the shops that will appeal to local and foreign tourists were announced as 11 September 2015.

Bursa Teleferik, which has a total of 2014 million passengers since 650 and the Gulf countries, has been offering a new life center to the locals as well as local and foreign tourists. Shops in the terminal buildings; It was designed for cafes, restaurants and shops that provide shopping and relaxation in mountain air.

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