Meeting with TCDD General Directorate Authorities

Meeting with Officials of TCDD General Directorate: TCDD continues its activities at TCDD upon the invitation of the Turkish Transportation-Sen Headquarters upon the invitation of the Turkish Transportation-Sen Headquarters for the determination of the problems arising from the laws and practices of TCDD and the personnel working in the affiliated workplaces and determination of solutions and initiation of necessary initiatives. in the 10 06.08.2015 history with the participation of President and Manager of the NGO Turkey Kamu-Sen Headquarters it was held a meeting which lasted approximately 5 hours.

In the said meeting; Problems arising from the laws or the internal functioning of TCDD (Regulation, Circular, Tamim, General Directorate's Order, Regional Directorate orders, etc.) were identified and turned into a report.

At the meeting; In order to solve these problems, which concern almost all TCDD employees, especially active personnel, it was decided to meet with TCDD General Manager and TCDD General Directorate officials and to initiate initiatives to find solutions and solutions.

Upon the request of the Turkish Transportation-Sen Headquarters, Emin TEKBAŞ, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, Adem KAYIŞ, Human Resources Department, Turan DORUK, Human Resources Department, and the related Branch Managers of the Human Resources Department and Şerafeddin DENİZ, Vice President Yaşar YAZICI, DEMARD President Nami ARAS, DEKAD President Adem ŞAHİN, YAT-DER Management Secretary Suat OCAK and DETEVAD Secretary General H.İbrahim ELDEMİR participated in a meeting that lasted approximately 11.08.2015 hours and was very productive. .

At the meeting; The identified problems were handled one by one, and it was decided to initiate the necessary works as soon as possible through mutual negotiations on the solution and ways of solution.

At the end of the meeting, TCDD Deputy General Manager Mr. Emin TEKBAŞ; Stating that they will try to make necessary arrangements to solve these problems which will ease TCDD and TCDD Employees and will inform our Civil Society Organizations about the results of the studies. He stated that he would be informed about TCDD's General Manager together with the Heads of Non-Governmental Organizations and that he would be asked for his support especially in matters requiring legal regulation.

Our Chairman Şerafettin DENİZ; On behalf of all non-governmental organizations, we thank Emin TEKBAŞ, Assistant General Manager of TCDD and other officials for their close interest in solving the problems and that the decisions taken will be healthier if the related association and union managers are present in the decision processes related to the personnel. He stated that both TCDD and TCDD Employees would be profitable and it would be beneficial to have such meetings regularly.


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