State engagement from France to four passengers preventing the massacre on the train

French state insignia on four passengers preventing the massacre on the train: French President François Hollande awarded three US and one British passengers with Legion d'Honneur, the country's highest medal, who prevented a massacre attempt on the high-speed train at the weekend .

Hollande, who presented the betrothal at the ceremony at the Elysee Palace, said: niş He decided to make a terrorist attack. He had enough weapons and ammunition to slaughter. Eğer That's what you would've done if you didn't risk your lives and stop him. Eğer
The incident on Saturday caused an attack on a high-speed train from Amsterdam to Paris, where a gunman opened fire on his gun and was prevented by the passengers before they were massacred.


Two American soldiers, who had been traveling in Europe, got fired when he heard that the Moroccan Eyub el Kazzani was wearing a charge by the Kalashnikov in the toilet. In the meantime, the train attack raised security measures in the train stations in France. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the 1 will issue a new number that allows passengers to report the abnormal conditions of the French Railways (SNCF).
French Transport Minister Alain Vidalies also said that it is not possible to control all the baggage, but that the baggage of suspicious people will continue to be controlled. He stated that the existing practice in France is an effective solution for trains. At the train stations, it is not possible to implement the security measures at the airports.



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