Support from Tanrıverdi to the Spil mountain ropeway project

Support from Tanrıverdi to the spil mountain ropeway project: AK Party MKYK Member Hüseyin Tanrıverdi has announced that they will support Ankara from the projects to be prepared for the construction of the ropeway to the Spil National Park.

AK Party, former deputy of Manisa Hussein Tanriverdi and the AK Party of Mayor Omer Faruk Celik, Spil Mountain National Park, found in investigations. Tanriverdi examining the Forest Kiosk, Spil Mountain National Park will be an important center with the completion of the studies will be noted.

Spil Mountain Tanriverdi stated that Turkey's sole national park planned area of ​​the national park, "We are the only National Park, National Park planned in Turkey. We have completed service areas in the park until today. There are also projects to be done. The National Park and the residences were transferred to the Şehzadeler Municipality by the Ministry of Water and Forestry. After the Spil National Park is transferred to our municipality, our municipality will have its own plans and projects in this area.

This area is also very useful in terms of health. It is an important area where Fatih learns to ride and develops his mind and the princes also benefit from it. In this region, all of the plants in mesir paste, which is an important value of Manisa, are in this area. In the name of each of the forest pavilions found here, the name of the 41 spice in the mesir paste is given to our history and values. After this, we will support our projects in Ankara.

The priority need of the Spil National Park is the cable car. Work is underway to make this happen as soon as possible. We will be able to reach Spil Mountain more comfortably for our citizens. Manisa Spil Mountain and will meet with all of our citizens in Turkey, "he said.

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