remaining as heritage railways in Turkey

remaining as heritage railways in Turkey: 12 1872 amount inherited the March congress of the railroad to Turkey are as follows:
From Istanbul to Bellova (Slovakia), Edirne and Plovdiv (Bulgaria); 562 km.
From Edirne to Alexandroupolis, through Kuleli-Burgaz and Dimetoka; 148 km.
From Thessaloniki to Mitrovitza, through Koprulu and Skopje; 364 km.
106 km from Yanbolu to Tirnova-Semenli.
Haydarpasa - Izmit; 94 km.
Izmit - Aydin 507 km.
İzmir-Town; 90 km.
These railways, which belonged to Sultan Abdulhamd and were devoted to the Ottoman Empire, contributed to the development and development of economic resources and a significant increase in both the military and defense forces thanks to the reasonable and logical construction of the railways.
II. Abundance of the number of railways that were built or still being built during the reign of Abdulhamid Khan, or even mentioning the investments made for the privilege and operation granted to the railways is enough to show what the Ottoman Empire owed to Sultan Abdulhamid.
If it is possible to reach Istanbul from Paris by train in less than four days, this is the result of Abdulhamid's endless efforts. At the Fourth Conference, he demonstrated an insistent attitude towards the inclusion of Rumeli railways in Central European railways.
Below is a list of railways built by the Ottoman Empire in different regions in the last five years:
Izmit -Ankara (Anatolian Railways) (24 September- 6 October 1888), 312 Km. The total length of the Anatolian road from Haydarpaşa to Ankara is 370 miles.
The entire line is operational. Jaffa- Jerusalem (6 October 1888), 50 km. Thessaloniki - Monastery 8 27 October 1890) 136 km. 60 km section 8 was completed in December 1892.
As already promised, 28 April 1894 will have the entire road finished. Mudanya- Bursa (22 February 1891). 26 km. Bandırma- Konya (with intermediate roads) (28 February 1891), 500 km. As the road of this place was seen as weak, it was changed to Alaşehir-Karaşehir railway. Beirut - Damascus - Harran (13 June 1891), 750 km. is still under construction. Samsun- Sivas- Diyarbakir (2 July 1891), 750 km. Not yet started. Akka-Damascus (8-20 October 1891), 219 km. Not yet started. Alexandroupolis-Thessaloniki with the roads (18-30 May 1892), 300 km. 14 July Work started at 1893 and targeted to be completed at 1898.

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