Railway Worker Murdered in Clash not in Explosion

Railway Worker Explosion In The Explosion Not Murdered: In the vicinity of Soganli Station in Kars, Sarikamis, it was revealed that the railroad workers who were repaired by the terrorists exploded while the cargo train was exploded.

It was revealed that the railway workers who were repairing the damage caused by the explosion of the mine laid by the terrorists while the freight train was passing, was ambushed near Soğanlı Station in Sarıkamış district of Kars. The body of Necdet İnanç (65), who was killed in the clash, was sent to the Erzurum Forensic Medicine Institute. After the autopsy, İnanç's body was sent to the village of Topdağı in Sarıkamış to be buried after the funeral prayer at noon in Erzurum Asri Mezarlık.

In the Sarıkamış district of Kars, the railway and freight train were damaged as a result of the mine explosion near Soğanlı Station yesterday at noon. According to the claim; After the attack, 5-person railway worker, including Necdet İnanç, was sent to the area where the explosion took place in the evening, under the protection of the village guards, for maintenance and repair work. Meanwhile, as a result of the fire opened by terrorists lurking around, İnanç lost his life at the scene with a bullet that hit his left eye. In the same conflict, a worker named Murat Çelik was also injured.

Necdet İnanç's body was brought to the morgue of the Erzurum Forensic Medicine Institute in the morning. After the autopsy, Necdet Çelik's body was taken from the forensic morgue by his relatives and friends to be buried. In Erzurum's Asri Mezarlık, after the noon prayer following the Friday prayer, İnanç's body was sent to the village of Topdağı in Sarıkamış to be buried.

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