Kayseri's projects received great support from Ankara

Kayseri's projects received great support from Ankara: Kayseri Mayor Mustafa Çelik had a meeting with the Finance and Transport Ministers in Ankara on Kayseri's projects.

In addition to Mayor Çelik, the Minister of Energy Taner Yıldız and Kayseri MP Mehmet Özhaseki attended the meetings of the Ministers and the projects of Kayseri were discussed. During the meetings and meetings, dozens of projects such as Air Supply City Park, High Speed ​​Train, Suburban Line, Airport New Terminal Building, Logistics Village were received support and it was decided to make the necessary protocols for some projects as soon as possible. Mayor Çelik said that the contacts they made in Ankara were very productive for Kayseri. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Ankara first met with Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek. Minister of Energy, Taner Yildiz and Kayseri MP Mehmet Ozhaseki attended the meeting. Mayor Mustafa Celik, said in a very fruitful talks in the Air Supply City Park, Yesilmahalle Airport located next to the transfer of the arsenal to another location and NATO-owned gas station and pipelines, such as the transportation were discussed. Stating that the Minister of Finance showed great interest in the Air Supply City Park project, which will be carried out with the tripartite protocol, especially the Ministry will not receive money from the Ministry's budget, President Çelik said, “Dear Minister, National Real Estate General Manager who participated in our meeting regarding the issue, Abdullah Kaya He gave instructions. We received everything we requested as the Metropolitan regarding the three issues we brought up. ” Stating that moving the arsenal in Yeşilmahalle, which is one of the projects supported by the Minister of Finance, is very important, Mayor of Metropolitan Çelik said, “The arsenal that remained between the settlements was our bleeding wound. This ammunition had to be moved away from the residential area. We have reached an agreement with the Ministry of National Defense on the subject of transport to the east of the airport. The Ministry of Finance also supported our project. After moving the arsenal, we will use this area as a reserve area in urban transformation that includes Hilal Neighborhood, Yeşilmahalle, Sancaktepe and Boztepe Neighborhoods. ” Expressing that they reached an agreement on NATO Gasoline and the transportation of the pipeline in the middle of the city within the framework of their meetings with the Minister of Finance, President Mustafa Çelik said, “We will build a 1.5 km railway line from the new railway line and we will carry the NATO Gasoline and the pipeline here. When the gas station area passes to us, this area will serve as a park. ” Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik in Ankara, the second stop in the Ministry of Transport, High Speed ​​Train, Suburban Line, Airport New Terminal Building, Logistics Village, such as very important projects for Kayseri were discussed. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin, as well as the President of the Ministry of Finance, as well as Minister of Energy Taner Yildiz and Kayseri Deputy Mehmet Ozhaseki also attended. Stating that they held a 3,5-4 hour meeting on the agenda of Kayseri Projects at the Ministry of Transport, President Mustafa Çelik said, “In addition to the Minister of Transport to our meeting, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, the General Directorate of Highways, the General Directorate of State Airports and the State Bureaucrats from the General Directorate of Railways also attended. Although we have no interest in our municipality or directly related to our municipality, we have put all the projects that concern Kayseri. At the meeting, we conveyed our demands as Metropolitan Municipality and discussed the bureaucrats in detail.

Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Ankara, two important ministries in Kayseri, and they deal with tens of projects involved in the project and said that they have eliminated the roughness of the Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz and Kayseri MP Mehmet Özhaseki thanked the supporters during these meetings.

Mayor Çelik said, “Both our Minister Taner Yıldız and our former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Özhaseki, will be followers of our projects in Ankara. I thank them for their support. ”

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