Special Transportation Arrangement for the Fair in İzmir

eshotun service quality is registered
eshotun service quality is registered

Special transportation arrangements were made to the fair in İzmir: Completing its preparations for the 84th İzmir International Fair (İEF) to be held in Kültürpark, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has also arranged for public transportation. For the fair, which will be open between 28 August and 6 September 2015, the municipality will arrange additional services for bus, metro, İZBAN and ferry transportation. They will visit IEF, whose theme this year is "Education", within the scope of the application where the second and more rides are free in 90 minutes, they will be able to reach Kültürpark economically from every point they are located.


At the time the IEF was open, the metro services were rearranged and the working time was extended to 01.00. Izmir Metro, F.Altay and Evka-3 stations in this period will remove the last trains at 01.00. In addition, the number of voyages were increased by considering the passenger density during the day. During 06.30 20.30 hours during the week, 5 will be one minute per minute, 20.30 between 01.00 X 7.5 and 01.00 between 01.20 N 06.00 and 06.30 within one minute. On Saturday, 10 will be held in 07.30 minutes between 20.30 ve 5, 20.30 in minutes between 01.00 – 7.5 and 01.00 in between 01.20 – 06.00 and 06.30-10. On Sundays, Izmir Metro Inc. will be launching 06.00 minutes between 12.00-01.00 and 01.20-10, and the 12.00 between 01.00-7.5 and XNUMX every minute.


In addition to their regular flights during the fair, the Gulf ferries will be held on 28 August Friday, 29 August Saturday, 4 September Friday and 5 September Saturday, Karşıyaka-Alsancak and Bostanlı-Alsancak lines will make additional flights. According to this Karşıyaka01.05 last time from Alsancak to Alsancak KarşıyakaThe last time will be at 01.20. Bostanlı-Alsancak line at 23.30'da Bostanlı'dan, at 23.50'da Alsancak'dan last ferry expedition will be made.


  1. ESHOT, which has made arrangements for IEF, will set additional flights to the lines departing from Konak Bahribaba stops and transfer centers with İZBAN and metro connections. Detailed information about the timetable, "www.eshot.gov.t is"Available on the website. In addition, in order to avoid disruptions in transportation, there will be regional transportation branch managers and chiefs on duty at the ESHOT Transportation Department until 01.30:XNUMX. Motorized teams will be assigned for coordination at important points around the fair such as Çankaya, Montreux, Lausanne and Basmane.


İZBAN will serve the people of İzmir with six additional flights during the exhibition period. Friday, 00.17, 00.37 and 00.57'de, Menemen 00.23, 00.46 and 00.58 will be additional services. Cumaovasi trains will be at 27 in Hilal and 38 minutes in Halkapınar, Menemen trains will be in 37 in Halkapınar and 48 will be in Hilal in minutes.


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