Workers are now the target of the PKK ... Railway Worker Killed

Now the workers are in the target of the PKK… Railway Worker Killed: Nejdet Inanc, a Line Maintenance and Repair Officer of the State Railways (TCDD) in Sarıkamış 453 Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate, on July 30, 2015, on the railway line of the members of the separatist terrorist organization in the district of Kars. He died as a result of his bomb and armed attack. Nejdet Inanc, who has been working on State Railways for more than 36 years, was preparing to retire this year.

Our member Inanc was married with four children. The funeral of Nejdet İnanç was buried in the village of Sarıkamış Yeniköy after the funeral prayer held after the afternoon prayer on Friday, July 31, 2015. We extend our condolences and patience to Nejdet Çavuş, God's mercy, his sorrowful family, his relatives and all the Railways community. Rest in peace.

The atmosphere of chaos and terror in our country targets civilians or public workers in places without any distinction between women, men, children, young and elderly and causes the death of innocent people. Terrorist attacks, arson of vehicles, damage to public property results. We see that the games played for years on our country have been re-staged and the terrorist acts continued. In recent days, sabotages for TCDD lines have caused innocent officials to lose their lives.

Finally, on July 30, 2015, 36-year-old railway line maintenance and repair officer Nejdet Inanc, who tried to work in Kars Sarikamis, was attacked by terrorists who wanted to put our country back into chaos. The terrorists, who carried out a bomb attack on the railway line and the locomotive running on it, opened fire on the railroads going to the scene for the maintenance and repair of the line, causing the death of our member Nejdet Inanc.

The right to life, a fundamental human right of a railway laborer who was planning to retire soon, was confiscated by this act of terror. Nejdet İnanç was only a railway employee who did his job and performed public service. What did you want from this innocent public laborer?

We strongly condemn terrorist organizations targeting innocent people and their terrorist acts that refer to innocent people with their actions as representatives of non-governmental organizations in which public workers working in various branches of State Railways are organized. We call on terrorist organizations to end their actions targeting innocent people immediately.

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