7/24 'Clear' Image from Mitsubishi Electric

7/24 'Clear' Image from Mitsubishi Electric: Mitsubishi Electric, which has more than 71 thousand Videowall system installations around the world, analyzes and understands the real needs of the market and users. kazanproduced the new DLP LED cube with its experience. Offering advanced technology imaging solutions to the industry, Mitsubishi Electric is preparing to fill the gap between LCD and DLP cubes in control rooms with the new product of the Videowall family, the VS-60HS12U DLP Cube. These high energy-saving cubes, which make a difference with their thinness and depth in the joint distance and offer the advantage of cost of ownership, are designed to work 7 hours a day, 24 days a week.

Mitsubishi Electric's new cube offers high image quality and durability, even though the same image is always being seen in 0,65 / 7 operating environments with the 24 inch DLPTM chip, which is not heat-affected imaging equipment. While 7 / 24 may not be suitable for operation due to high junction intervals, image residues and burning, the DLP technology stands out as a solution for continuous operation between its features and Videowall solutions.

The new slim DLP cube VS-60HS12U, which is produced with Mitsubishi Electric's close-to-zero bonding range and high-resolution features, provides cost advantages due to its LED light source technology and maintenance-free features, as in the Seventy Series DLP cubes. Offering 24 clock operation and compact depth, this product takes up nearly 60 of corner-to-corner 520 inches and 40 millimeter depth * of nearly 100 percent of traditional rear projection cubes. * Referenced to VS-62WEF78.

The VS-60HS12U DLP Cube delivers FullHD resolution image quality with Mitsubishi Electric patented Color Space and Digital Toning Circuits and brightness on the LCD (700 cd / m²). Also with its original LED power control circuit, the 3 can be used in different brightness modes depending on the application and light environment. The VS-60HS12U DLP Cube automatically adjusts the color balance with the built-in sensors, maintaining the balance of color and brightness between neighboring screens.


The VS-60HS12U DLP Cube has a proprietary air cooling system, which can only be installed on the wall without access from the front. In this way, about 50 thousand hours operating life promising VS-60HS12U model is preferred because of the need for maintenance.

Energy-saving LED light source, combined with the environmentally conscious Mitsubishi Electric technologies, offers the 123W in the brightest mode, while the 61W consumption in economic mode offers unrivaled power consumption, the VS-60HS12U draws attention with its minimal heat load and quiet operation.

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