Railway Workers Striking in Melbourne

Railway Workers Go On Strike in Melbourne: The Melbourne railway union has decided to strike two days. Experts say the two-day strike on trains, which play a key role in the transportation of the city, can paralyze city traffic. The Railway Tram and Bus Union, the implementation of the strike decision taken unanimously by RTBU members, will severely damage the institution called Metro Trains.

Due to the strike, the 48 will not be checked for tickets during the hour, the ticket doors will be left open. The trains will also be able to skip the stations that need to stop.

The union RTBU, which represents workers, has been disagreeing with railway officials about workers' salaries for a long time. Union Secretary Luba Grigorovitch stated that workers took the strike decision with 98 percent of the vote. Grigorovitch, ”The talks have been going on for 4 months. We could not get a positive sign of the railway company regarding the demands of the workers. ” said.

Approximately 3 thousand workers are employed in the railways, including the driver, the authorized officer, the administrative staff and the signal officers. If there is no change at the last moment about the strike decision, a strike will be organized on the railways for the first time since 1997.

On Monday, the union and company officials will meet for the last time.


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