Description of the Accident at Level Crossing in Diyarbakır 1 Injured

Statement of Accident at Level Crossing in Diyarbakır 1 Injured: The minibus driver was slightly injured in a traffic accident at the level crossing in Diyarbakır, and material damage occurred in the vehicle and the train.

According to information obtained from the accident, the center of Kayapinar district of the retirement neighborhood between the prison and the 1'in Industrial Site occurred in the crossing. Allegedly the train's pass the difference 21 FY 506 plate minibus, while trying to cross, quickly collided with the incoming train. In the accident, dragging the van for a while, then stopped braking. The driver, who was taken out of the vehicle with the help of the people, was taken to a special hospital by ambulance called to the region. Police teams from the scene, the security strip was created by creating a review.

Police launched an investigation into the incident.

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