Konya Gar is a parking lot

Konya Gar parking lot is paid: One of the most useful and most cost-effective investments in our city is undoubtedly Fast Train. We can say that the fast train connecting our city to Ankara and then to Istanbul and Eskişehir made our life easier.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to Konya for the opening of high-speed train. A meaningful opening had taken place. However, despite the large investment of Konya, Konya Metropolitan Municipality did not work in the parking lot on the side of the station.

The car park was sometimes muddy and sometimes dusty. despite the fact that the traffic is intensified in our country, our citizens parked their vehicles here. I have learned that the station parking will be charged by Konbeltaş according to a new decision. For years, unobtrusive, even a nail that does not even have to be paid for this car park will no longer be paid off the citizen.

In addition, there are bureaucrats and civil servants who work in Ankara and make daily trips. When they put their vehicles in this car park every day, they will need to disregard a number like 200 TL per month. This figure is not an ordinary money for the officer or worker. Even in Ankara, the roadside parking lot is canceled and we cannot make sense of the fact that the place where it sees the eye in Konya is turned into a car park.

Source : http://www.memleket.com.tr

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:24

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