Konya-Aksehir Railroad Bus Started (Video)

Konya-Akşehir Railroad Expeditions Started: It will work in coordination with the High Speed ​​Train in Konya, Aksehir and other districts began to benefit from the High Speed ​​Train facilities in Aksehir-Konya between Raybüs flights began in a ceremony in Aksehir.

At the Akşehir Train Station; Akşehir Governor Yalçın Sezgin, Ilgın Governor Yücel Gemici, Akşehir Garrison Commander Supply Colonel Erdal Canol, Mayor of Akşehir Salih Akkaya, Ilgın Mayor H. İbrahim Oral, Yunak Mayor Abdullah Emre Demirhan, Çeltik Mayor Mehmet Ekizoğlu, TCDD Regional Manager Enver Timurboğa AK Party Akşehir District Board members, municipal councilors, some public institutions with managers and supervisors joined many citizens. A ceremony was held at the ceremony and after the National Anthem was read, a demonstration was presented by Mehmed Group of Akşehir Municipality.

Mayor Salih Akkaya, who made the opening speech at the ceremony, drew attention to the possibility of benefiting from the High Speed ​​Train with Raybüs flights. President Akkaya, ı This is really a raybüs study planned for Konya-Akşehir, edited, not a State Railways transportation, but our main goal; Akşehir and other districts to provide high-speed train. If the high-speed train does not come to Akşehir, Akşehirli High Speed ​​Train should be reached in Konya and we have developed this project so that our people from Akşehir can benefit from High Speed ​​Train technology. With this project, I hope that this project will be expanded in the first place by describing Ankara to Ankara and then to Eskişehir in the future. In the future, I hope we will have reached the Cappadocia line, Kayseri line, Antalya line, Mersin Adana line, which will be at the project stage, and we will be able to get to Akşehir.

In the last 10 year, President Akkaya pointed out that there are serious increases in transportation, quality and speed in the railway network. Ve You know, the train used to be an outdated transportation vehicle. History as the Black Train. Thanks to the high-speed trains (YHT), the State Railways have become the most preferred transportation. It even became an alternative to airplanes. In addition, the internal transportation of the Marmaraylar, the Aegean rails, the new Prime Minister of Turkey for our Seljuk Metro line, which will be the first stage in the coming days will be tender. If God allows, he will come in. This Fast Train technology will be used in the most beautiful way in Turkey. You know, there are 8 countries using High Speed ​​Train technology in the world. One of them is our country in this sense, we are really proud of, Bun he said.

In the following days, Raybus flights will provide greater benefit to Akşehir and other districts, President Akkaya said, ı Today, this will start our rail line in Konya 2 hours 27 minutes. Already on the bus about 2 hours, it can be thought of what it earns. First of all, I say that our Blue Train line 3, which is currently in service, provides transportation between Akşehir / Konya every hour. Thanks to this Raybüs 2 hour 27 minutes have been downloaded for today. In the coming days, the railway lines between Sarayönü / Konya in the program will be changed in the next days, according to the information we received from our Regional Directorate of Railways, this time will be reduced to 1,5 hours. So it will be shorter and shorter. In addition, although 2 hours of 27 hours, even though the Konya-connected High Speed ​​Train from Ankara to Ankara transportation time 4 time 02 minutes with the time 4 hours between 08 minutes is changing in a period of time. In the coming period, the 60 clock will fall to 3 minutes when the 08 falls for another minute, during which time it will reach Ankara in a very short period of time. We have a full 19,25 TL ticket in Konya-Aksehir, but our members of the Turkish Armed Forces, 13-25 ages, 20 discount applications are available to our press members. With this discount the price falls to 15,25 pounds. In addition, when the discount is applied to our elderly people will be able to reach the 9,75 penny Konya. Normal tariffs Akşehir ticket to Ankara, our fellow 42 liraya tickets, while the 20 discount for the people who fall within the scope of 37 liraya 50 discount applied to our fellow citizens who will have the opportunity to reach this 23 lira 50 penny until Ankara. Aksehir, our women, as well as our women's, Sarayönü'ımızın benefit from these services contributing to our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu contributing to our deputy, our deputy Mustafa Baloglu and our former Minister, especially our Lütfi Elvan and State Railways General Manager and his team Thank you very much. çok

Ilgın Mayor H. İbrahim Oral said in his speech: Ak In fact, the High Speed ​​Line has come to our region starting from Aksehir. It will also be connected to the country transportation. In this sense, a new transportation line, a new transportation system to come to our region today is celebrating a historic day here, yeni he said.

TCDD Regional Manager, Enver Timurboğa, also gave information about the railroad flights, DM 132 passenger capacity, DMU (Diesel Train Set) travel time will be 2 hours 27 minutes. 2 was held as 2 arrival, DMU sets were organized coordinated with YHT High Speed ​​Trains.

Lastly speaking, the Governor of Aksehir Yalçın Sezgin, ş Raybüs; our people will provide a modern and safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly fast transport. We will meet YHT High Speed ​​Train from Sarayhanu, Women's Palace from Ilgın, from Akşehir to Ankara. I hope that in the years, the High Speed ​​Train in Istanbul to Istanbul with a more comfortable and pleasant, will be a start to journeys, in he said.
After the prayer read by Akşehir District Mufti Karabey Özdemir, the protocol members and the citizens boarded Raybüsü, which will make their first voyage between Akşehir and Konya. The first time between Akşehir and Konya, Raybüs was quite satisfied with the comfort and speed of the passengers and the first time was not charged. The members of the protocol participating in the first time Raybüsun the railway station Ilgın district railway station, the members of the protocol was welcomed by the authorities here Ilgın Municipality.



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