Kecioren Metro will start carrying passengers at 2016

Kecioren Metro will begin to carry passengers in 2016: The first excavation was hit 12 years ago. waiting to start moving. taş

In the city, about 12 years ago, the construction began and could not be finished in the Mecidiye Station of Kecioren Metro, a worker recently lost his life falling from the height of the eyes, the eyes turned back to the construction of the metro.
15 The construction of Keçiören Metro which was started to be built by Metropolitan Municipality in 2003 July and planned to be completed in 2005, could not be finished despite 12 year. Transport works transferred to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications in the subway construction, while 17 February 2014'de Xinjiang Subway at the opening of the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the period, "the end of the year will start the test drive at the Keçiören metro, 2015'de service will take," he said. Residents of the city, "the date of the opening of the metron one did not keep," he said, the construction of the metro wants to finish as soon as possible Kecioren Mayor Mustafa Ak said that the fate of the metron Ankara talked to Hurriyet:


. According to the information we have received from the ministry, this delay has been delayed. All of Keçiören Metro is underground. Two problems were encountered under the ground, the first problem; the tunnel was opened with a blasting system because the tunnel could not be opened. The second problem is; Electromechanical tender was canceled. This caused a serious delay. The subway line runs beneath the creek, which means that it always comes in contact with water. There is no hitch and pause in the current work. There was a delay in technical and legal grounds.


Metro works are underway, especially fine works are completed. Stations are completed, we expect electromechanical tender, wagons will be put together with the tender. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has informed us that the trial flights will start on the subway at the end of this year. We expect 2016 to start carrying passengers in the first months. We want the metron to end soon, and we give all kinds of support to end. Met


On the other hand, CHP Ankara Deputy MURAT EMİR submitted a parliamentary question to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey regarding the works in the subway after Mehmet Kalaycı passed away. Reminding that Kalaycı fell to the concrete floor from a height of 10 meters as a result of the breakage of the plastic clamps connecting the grilles in the ventilation gap of the station, Emir said, kazanHe noted that the incident occurred as a result of a chain of negligence and the fact that the iron gratings weighing many kilos were fixed with plastic handcuffs, invites work murder. He asked the following questions in the order proposal: “Has a risk analysis been made at the construction site in question and has the necessary occupational safety measures been taken in this direction? Has the employee been given basic occupational health and safety training and job-specific occupational safety training? Does the employee have work at height training and work at height report? Why were equipment such as helmets and ropes, which are mandatory for those working at height, not used during this accident? Has any investigation been initiated against the personnel responsible for the use of these equipments during work?”

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