Closed Balçova cable car assembly assembly ruffled

The closed Balçova cable car line confused the council: CHP member Çalkaya responded to the AK Party Haspolat, who said, “No cable car, no tele-whistle” in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, saying, “Don't be disrespectful”.

The closure of the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was opened by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality after an interval of 8 years, on the 12th day, on the grounds that periodic maintenance will be carried out, caused discussions in the Assembly. Speaking at the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meeting, AK Party member Çağlar Haspolat said, “The cable car runs for 10 days, then it is closed for 10 days. "Do not let the cable car blow the wire," he said. Haspolat pointed out that the cable car sometimes malfunctions during the time it was open.

When CHP's Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya shouted to Haspolat during his speech, "Don't sit down, don't talk too hard", tension in the parliament rose. Haspolat responded to Çalkaya, who intervened in his speech, by saying, "Don't be disrespectful". This time, when Çalkaya continued with her outburst, "Don't be disrespectful," there was tension in the Assembly. Deputy Chairman Sırrı Aydoğan, who chaired the session, said that the periodic maintenance of the facility, which should be done in September, was put forward due to the extreme heat and the intense interest of the citizens. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made a written statement the previous day and announced that the periodic autumn maintenance of the Cable Car Facilities was pulled forward and closed for 10 days due to the transportation of more passengers than expected and extreme heat. Closing the facility 12 days after the opening for maintenance, "Is it normal to take the facility into maintenance before two weeks are over?" Egeli Sabah announced the news with the title "It was completed in 8 years, it was closed in 12 days".

The Cable Car Carrier Systems were closed in 2007 on the grounds that it was not safe, in line with the report of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. The renovation of the facility turned into a snake story due to the cancellation of tenders, and the construction could be completed in 8 years. Safety tests of the rebuilt Ropeway Facilities were conducted in May and June. The international independent certification body has also completed its tests. Metropolitan Municipality officials announced that they received the necessary approval from the international independent certification body before the opening, the certification document was received, and the facilities will be opened on July 30 after the approval of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers. The 20 cabins of the facility covered with pine forest around Körfez-Balçova Dam Lake were made in rainbow colors in the carrier system in accordance with the EU standards. It has been announced that the travel time of the facility, which has a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour in cabins for eight people, takes 2 minutes and 42 seconds. The cable car started its services on Friday, July 31st. The facility, which has a carrying capacity of 1200 people per hour, broke down hours after the opening. Citizens stranded in the booths due to the breakdown hung in the air for about half an hour. After the failure that worried the citizens, the cable car started working again the next day. While it was said that everything is in order, the Metropolitan Municipality announced the previous day that the facility will be taken into maintenance for 10 days.

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