Here are the new metro cars of Izmir (Photo Gallery)

Here are the new metro wagons of Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 350 thousand passengers a day in the Izmir Metro to be used 85 new wagon exterior and interior design determined. In the design of the wagons, which are in production in China and cost 192 million pounds, metal and wood harmony have come forward.

In order to further develop the ever-increasing metro system, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is adding another 85 new wagon (5 train set consisting of 17 wagons) to its fleet. The first and the first in China, the first of the 2016 in October, the exterior and interior design of the wagons will come to Izmir. In the design of the vehicle, thousands of years of history, embracing different cultures and traditions, inspired by the sea and the streets of Izmir. Metal and wood were used harmoniously in this design. Warm colors and materials were used for items to be touched by passengers. Designed from natural materials, the wooden ceiling is also mounted on the walls. Inspired by the maritime atmosphere in color and material.

293 million pounds investment
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 85 192 for the production of new cars are invested in the million pounds. 10 wagons and 85 wagons, which were previously built in the factory in China by the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir and completed in China, will reach the total number of wagons in the fleet. 182 will be in Izmir in October. In May of 2016, all trains will be in Izmir.

2009 wagon in Izmir 32 2009 2015 293 350 years between the years of investment for the metro wagon 280 million pounds was. 34 bin in Izmir Metro and XNUMX thousand passengers in İZBAN. This figure corresponds to the XNUMX of the total number of passengers in public transport.

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