Glass protection for bridges for fast train safety

Glass protection for bridges for high-speed train safety: In 2008, Adnan Menderes Bridge, which is built as a modern bridge in Izmit, is being protected by glass.

In 2008, glass borders were made in the middle section of the Adnan Menderes Bridge on the D-100 Highway (the section where the high-speed train crossed).

More modern and safer designed escalator bridges have previously had old rail rails with glass guards. High-speed rail rails posed great danger to the public. During the high-speed train crossing, glass guards were built to ensure safety and prevent children from throwing stones at the train. After the completion of the Adnan Menderes Bridge, it will be built on the bridge of Mimar Sinan Bridge and Turgut Özal Bridge. Fast on-going studies will be completed in 2 weeks.

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