The Golden Horn Bridge

Haliç Bridge metrobus path is taken care of the way: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Golden Horn Bridge on the road to the maintenance and repair of the metrobus begins. During the two-day work, metrobus traffic will be provided from the main bridge. Vehicle traffic will be transferred to the side bridge.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Golden Horn Bridge metrobus road maintenance and repairs will do. Works will begin at 21 on Friday, Friday at 23.45. Two days of planned work will be carried out between the 01.00-06.00 hours where the traffic is the least.

During the works, the Haliç Bridge Main Road Edirnekapı-Mecidiyeköy direction will be closed to vehicle traffic between the hours of 01.00-06.00. Vehicle traffic will be transferred to the side road and traffic flow will be ensured. Metrobus flights will continue from the main bridge in the direction of Edirnekapı-Mecidiyeköy.

Maintenance and repair work will be done on the road in the first place. After that, 4 cm Stone Mastic Asphalt will be laid on the road. The works of the Directorate of Infrastructure Services of the Department of Science Affairs of IMM will end at 24 on Monday morning of August.



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