Disgusting incident on the tram: Racists in Berlin urinated on immigrant children.

In Berlin, the capital of Germany, two right-wingers first verbally abused an immigrant mother and her two sons, and then urinated on the children. It was stated that the two attackers got on the tram the night before and harassed the family, which they understood to be an immigrant, with anti-foreign words and then urinated on the children.

The police, who came to the station upon the notice of other passengers, detained the two attackers. The police announced that the attackers were found to be overly alcoholic. In a statement made by the Federal Police, it was stated that both attackers committed an extreme right-wing crime last week.

The Berlin Public Transport Company (BVG) announced that two attackers were banned from using urban public transport for a year.

The attacked family continued on their way, the police said that the family was looking through the media.

Berlin state Interior Senator Frank Henkel said he could not bear such an incident happening in Berlin. Henkel described the events as "disgusting" and noted that this incident was the ugly face of racism.


On the other hand, the building, which was planned to be allocated to asylum seekers in the Weissach im Tal district of Baden-Württemberg, was burned last night. It's estimated that the building was set on fire.

At the weekend in Heidenau near Dresden, about a thousand demonstrators gathered to protest the arrival of the 250 asylum seeker at the weekend and attacked the asylum seekers with bottles and stones. At least 31 police officers were injured.

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