Metro fear continues in G.

The fear of the subway continues in G.Saray: The possibility of a delay in the metro stop at TT Arena came to the agenda again. Manager Sarıkaya said, “They promised us. We have no way to go in and join the construction. ”

Galatasaray management, the last season TT Arena, who have trouble moving to support fans who made a move and announced that the September metro station will open in TT Arena. However, the allegations that the construction of the metro going to the stadium will not be produced by the beginning of this season came to the agenda again. This situation has produced a reaction between the fans especially Yellow-Red. Because of the fans coming down at the Industrial Site stop, it was walking about 1,5 km to reach the stada.

“Kindly ask“

But the manager İsmail Sarıkaya spoke about this. Sarıkaya, who emphasized the promises given to them, promised us that they will open like the beginning of September with the second half of August. We think there will be no delay. It's not what we have. We don't do the construction. We kindly ask for the latest situation at intervals. We don't have to go in and get in the construction! We are waiting for the date given to us. ” But what will happen if the metron is not completed on the promised date is a matter of curiosity.

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