European countries are trying to make train stations safer (Video)

European countries are trying to make train stations safer: Europe is trying to shake off the shock of an armed attack on the high-speed train to Amsterdam-Paris last Friday. Security measures have been increased in international train services. In Brussels, the capital of Europe, the police carry out checks and checks.

Belgian Railways Company (SNCB) sözcüNathalie Pierard said that the suitcases were opened randomly:

Ine The suitcase control for international trains can be randomized. This may take some time. Passengers must consider this situation. Suitcases can be opened and examined. Val

Some of the passengers who had to be patient understood the controls:

“We had accepted this before. Especially on air travel. That's why we don't have to act differently now. Bu

Previously, passengers traveling between European countries were able to get on the train without having to check their luggage and identity. The United Kingdom, which is not in the Schengen area and where controls are systematically made, is an exception.

There are 26 countries in the Schengen Area. Schengen allows people to move freely between countries. European Commission sözcüSu said that controls should not turn into border controls:

Önemli It is important that the police controls do not turn into border controls. These should not be done continuously. Bunlar

Belgian Transport Minister Jacqueline Galant stated that some measures could be taken if a problem occurs:

”When there is a problem with public security, some measures can be taken, these are temporary measures, especially for identity control measures.“

Transport ministers of Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany will meet in the coming days to discuss the issue. Cooperation between these four European countries will increase cooperation.




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