Konya-Aksehir Railroad Ticket Price Discount

Discount in Konya-Aksehir Raybüs Ticket Prices: From Rayonu to Konya and from Sarayönü to Akşehir, Raybüs began to travel to the direction of Raybüs, the district was welcomed with joy. Citizens experiencing the joy of an important service, the price list is disappointed when he saw. Initiatives of Sarayönü Mayor Nafiz Solak who gave a response to the citizens of cheap citizens waiting for a cheap transportation, gave their results and reduced their ticket prices.

The price list, which was prepared in the first day of the flights, was as follows: Sarayönü-Konya 10,75 lira, Sarayönü-Pınarbaşı 8,50 lira, Sarayönü-Meydan 4,25 lira, Sarayönü-Kadınhanı 4,25 lira, Sarayönü-Ilgın 6,50 lira, Sarayönü-Argıthanı 10,75 lira, Sarayönü-Akşehir 12,75 lira. Citizens, who did not like these prices, claimed that there would be no demand for Raybüs.

TCDD reviewing ticket prices, went to the discount and rearranged ticket quotes. 7 General Directorate of State Railways. In the official letter from Sarayönü to the Regional Directorate, the prices were lower than the prices announced on the first day. In the official letter, the transportation fee between Sarayönü-Konya was determined as 8,50 lira, young, TSK, press and teachers with% 20 discounted 7 TL and for children and elderly% 50 discounted 4,25 TL.

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  1. If you put this train between Bandırma and Eskişehir, you would not have problems with the price or passengers.