Balçova ropeway line begins service again tomorrow

Balçova ropeway line is in service again tomorrow: Balçova Lift, which is renewed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, starts service again tomorrow after 10 daily maintenance.

Balçova Lift, renewed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, starts to serve again tomorrow after 10 daily maintenance. The first periodic maintenance planned to be done in autumn in the cable car which was opened at the end of last month was taken forward in a short time due to the transportation of passengers and excessive heat on the expectations. In the maintenance of the rope regulation at the initial level, there was an innovation in the cabins. The 20 pieces of cabin, each designed in a color of the rainbow, are illuminated by LED lamps. The evening ticket sales on the cable car will end at 21.00, and landing flights will be completed at 22.30.

Balçova Cable Car, which has been working non-stop for three months with trial flights, broke a record by carrying a total of 10 ticketed passengers in 37 days before going into maintenance. It was designed in accordance with EU standards and returned to Izmir. kazanThe facility, which has been announced, can carry 200 passengers per hour. The duration of the journey with 20 cabins for eight people each is 2 minutes and 42 seconds. The total cost of the ropeway system, stations and recreation area arrangement was 15.5 million liras. A viewing terrace was created at the entrance after getting off the cabins so that those who ride the cable car, which is free for children aged 5 and under, cost 6 liras, to see the view of Izmir Bay from a bird's eye view. Binoculars were placed in this area, allowing the view to be seen more clearly. In order to meet the needs of the visitors, shopping centers were established at different points within the facility. The cable car is open every day except Monday.

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