Antalya lost 5 year in public transportation

Antalya lost 5 years in public transportation: Antalya Metropolitan Transportation Department Head Atalay: Without Akaydın period, we would be getting on the 3rd line of the rail system. 4th line would have started

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Hülya Atalay, who has been in all the changes in the last 18 years of Antalya transportation from the nostalgic tram to the rail system, from the intersection to the smart card system, has revealed that the period of Mustafa Akaydın was lost years for the rail system. Atalay, who also served as the Rail System Coordinator during the period when Mustafa Akaydın was the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, said, "The 5-year period passed by explaining how necessary the rail system is."

    Stating that the report, which was prepared during the Akaydin period, which states that "There is no need for a rail system, creates a problem in the city," surprised Atalay, "It is a fact that the rail system is required in Antalya since 1997. The researches conducted in 1997 also revealed the need for the rail system, ”he said. Stating that they are doing the studies on the new rail systems, Atalay said, “We have a 3rd stage rail system project starting from Varsak and continuing with Sakarya Boulevard. We started the tender process in the first period of our Menderes president. Our tender process was the election period. After the election, we waited for evaluation, it was already a very short time. Later, when the incoming management did not regard this project warmly, it was shelved. If there was no 5-year break, the Aksu line, the second stage and the Varsak line, the third stage, had been completed in the rail system and was currently being ridden. Even the work of the fourth was being done. ”

Hülya Atalay, who embraces multi-storey intersections, which were constantly open to discussion in the previous period, said, “The road infrastructure in Antalya cannot develop as fast as the city developing on it. You cannot expand a road in the city center or open a new road. Therefore, the most logical solution is the bridge junction. ” Emphasizing that 100 thousand cars pass per hour on the 2th Anniversary Boulevard connecting the east and the west, Atalay said, “If there were no intersections on this street, turns would have been banned from some places. Also, the duration of all red lights should have increased to at least two minutes. So for a vehicle, the green light would light up every 6-8 minutes. This means a table with very long tails. ” Explaining that there will be new high-rise intersection projects, Atalay said that the Transportation Master Plan, which will cover the transportation solutions of 19 districts, is waiting for this.

When Akaydın was president, he said, “It is very expensive to run. It is better to remove it, ”said the first eye pain of the nostalgic tram Hülya Atalay. Explaining that his first project was the nostalgic tram line when he started to work at UKOME in 1997, Hülya Atalay said, “Nürnberg, our sister city at the time of Hasan Subaşı, gave us 3 trams through grants. The maximum distance of the 3 trams we had was 5 kilometers. We started the project between the museum and turbanism. ” Stating that the nostalgic tram is a first step that starts in good faith, Atalay said, “We will connect the 3rd stage rail system line to the nostalgic line. We will make the nostalgic tram line on the way that modern rail system vehicles can pass. Modern rail system vehicles will work on the route of the nostalgic tram. ” The idea that the 1956 nostalgic trams from Nuremberg will be exhibited in the City Museum after this stage is dominant. However, it is also on the agenda to create a new line for a nostalgic tram in a region similar to Beach Park.

Stating that the first bridge crossing project was considered at the time when the first project was prepared at Mevlana Junction, Atalay said, “While designing the underpass there, we calculated the overpass to be built there beforehand. We knew that traffic density was in the south-west direction. But the reason we gave priority to the north-south direction was to relieve the 100th Year. We can see how successful this is from the relief of the road leading up to the 100th Year. We further relaxed traffic with an east-west overpass. ” Mevlana Interchange project, underlining that it is a first in Turkey Atalay, "with a very wide opening. In this sense, it is a first. We had a hard time realizing this project. Even the Regional Directorate of Highways fell in hesitation and made very fine calculations with university teachers. Mevlana Junction is a source of pride for us. ”

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