The excitement of İZBAN in Selçuk

İZBAN excitement in Selçuk: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the works in the Torbalı İZBAN line, continues the construction works of the Selçuk axis, which will extend the 26 mile to 136 kilometers.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is the largest urban public transportation project in the history of the Republic of Turkey, is being carried out in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD. İZBAN line is extended to Selçuk after Torbalı. Previously extending the 80-kilometer line of 30 kilometers to the 26 kilometer, the Municipality of Torbali completed the construction of the highway and sub-overpasses of the station. In the construction of the gateway, he made significant progress.

Highway overpasses

In the first line of 2 highway overpass which is used for passage of heavy tonnage vehicles in regions which are previously used as level crossings in the current line, the production of edge and middle foot reinforced concrete is completed, bridge approach ramp reinforced concrete manufacturing continues. Bored piles are under construction at the second highway bridge.

Peron assemblies will begin

Health and Selçuk station buildings and peron reinforced concrete production were divided into 2 sections according to the priorities of delivering active lines of TCDD. For this reason, in the construction works divided into two parts in two stations, the first part of the concrete production is completed and the porch on the platform will be started in the coming days.

According to the protocol made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with TCDD, the station works of the Seljuk line and the sub-overpasses of the highway are made by the Metropolitan Municipality. TCDD will perform line laying works, signalization, kataner system and protection walls.



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