3'inci Bosphorus Bridge Project Current Status

Final Situation in the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project: In the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, the works of the 12th deck, which will be placed on the Asian side and connected to the main rope of the bridge, have started. The lifting of the deck, which is 59 meters wide and 25 meters long, and the work done, were captured by cameras.

Another big step has been taken in the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project implemented by ICA. After the completion of the bridge's lighting works, the installation of the oblique suspension ropes, one of the two systems that will carry the bridge, continues at full speed. While the assembly process of 78 inclined suspension ropes in total ended, assembly and welding of 923 of 59 steel decks, the heaviest of which was 23 tons, ended.


On the other hand, in the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project, the "Catwalk" installation was completed in the past months. Asia and Europe have come together once again with the "catwalk" installation that will serve as a guide for the "main rope" shooting. In this context, work has begun on the 8th deck, which will be connected to the main rope first from the Asian side of the bridge, over which a two-way 2-lane highway and 12-lane railway will pass. The lift of the deck, which is 25 meters in length and 59 meters in width, by giant cranes and the work carried out were recorded by UAV cameras. The deck to be placed on the Asian side of the bridge will be placed after the 20th rope to be connected to the European side of the bridge.


Parts of cranes called "Derrick Crane" were brought to the construction site to lift the decks that would connect the two continents. Giant cranes, which were previously assembled and with a lifting capacity of one thousand tons, are used in the lifting and placing of the steel decks of the bridge from sea and land. Within the scope of the works, the assembly of the decks, which will weigh 940 tons, is provided by these cranes. These cranes, which enable the lifting of the decks, take the decks from the sea and land and add them by lifting from the junction points of the bridge decks. These cranes, which are placed on the continuation of the previous deck, have a lifting capacity of one thousand tons and a weight of 300 tons. 59 of the 40 decks in total will be lifted with the help of these giant cranes.


  1. In the works in the Bosphorus Bridge Project, a 800-ton floating crane is also used for the hanging of the decks as part of the installation of steel decks. 800 personnel work inside the crane, which has a carrying capacity of 16 tons, rented from Romania to ship the steel decks from sea to land. According to the information received, it was learned that the floating crane is the Maltese-flagged GSP NEPTUN Floating Crane, the deck is 86 meters long, 36 meters wide, the deck depth is 6,5 meters and the boom height is 82 meters.

The total weight of the 7 bin 500 is the tonnage of the lifting crane with a thousand 800 tons. This floating crane will transport 14 unit weights from 450 to 850 tons on the Asian and European sides. The Marmara Strait is being closed to transit for self-restraint and operation on the sea. Phone, camera, radio and fire systems, which contain all of this crane loading speed of the 1,8 meter per minute and the speed of the discharge rate was reached to 3.6 meters per minute.

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