Kocaeli will return to the construction site

Kocaeli will return to the construction site: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General, Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın answered everything about the city from the tram to the subway. Büyükakın, eye Kocaeli 2 will return to the construction site throughout the year. We will have a little patience, but in the end we will live in a more pleasant city. Biraz

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General, Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, boyunca Kocaeli, August, the next 2 will return to the site throughout the year. There will be some difficulties in city life but we take the necessary measures. We made a bypass for the crossroads in front of the Outlet, we take precautions. On the route where we work the tram, for example Yahya Kaptan may have problems, but after the tram is finished, everything will be more comfortable. Kocaeli will be a more enjoyable city. Kocaeli
How practical will it be? How much easier will it make our lives?

This is a technical question ere If the number of trips is between certain thresholds, options such as buses and metrobus are decided. We make trams because the passenger values ​​on this route are suitable for the tram. We don't make trams to make a tram. Speculation is made here but the tram is only made with the values ​​of this trip. Otherwise, a metrobus of 30 meters every two and a half minutes should pass through here. Now every 6 will get a tram per minute. If we had to do this with BRT, we would have had great problems. Look, we woke up one morning and didn't say we should do a tram. After a serious work we came to this point. AYGM already, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments does not allow this. Starting 16 will be with a thousand passengers.

At the first and last stops of the tram, will there be parking? The citizen who leaves his car in the parking lot will be able to get on the tram?

We want to make parking on every possible route on the tram route. For example; Thursday Market is a stopping point, we are also planning a parking lot under this market. There will be parking again under the former governor's office.

Instead of the Governor's Office, you will only be parking for 300 vehicles. Is it enough? Why don't you make a bigger car park?

Can we do that? We make it very comfortable, but if we build a parking lot for 300 thousand vehicles, not 3 vehicles, there will be incredible traffic density in that area. Parking is a traffic jam at the entrance and exit times. According to your head, you can't park in 3 for a thousand cars. You have to look and analyze the road situation, the circulation of vehicles there. If the city's zoning plans are not planned properly on time, things you do at some points are limited.

Is the tram going to be extended to the new platform?

We think that Kanalboyu goes to the Armory to the new City Hospital. Works such as tram and metro are future works. We're looking at target values. There will be a density in this region, will look at the values ​​of tomorrow, work will be done if the trip value. Then we will go to AYGM.

How big is a subway project? When will it come to life?

Metro, not before 2020. Because before the 2020, Kocaeli does not need a metro for its travel values. We have completed the project of the metro which is needed in 2020. We have received approval from AYGM. Now we are going to the tender for the implementation project. It will also last 1.5 years. After that, the tender and construction phases will come. If everything goes well, the 2018 will only be auctioned. We ride like 2020.

You are planning the future of a city ğ You are talking about 2020. Tomorrow, management changes, if another job comes to work, throws away these plans? Would I say I'm going to plan 2020 any other way? Wouldn't that be a shame to all that's done?

Metro is not a political decision, I think it will continue for the city when it comes to a different administration tomorrow. Because there's a scientific study at the back. I trust this work, I believe that a secretary general who will come after me will continue this work. Because there is a serious labor here, experts have scientific studies.

Umuttepe, one day can benefit from the tram?

No tram, no subway.

Köseköy Battı-output when will be done?

The project is undergoing a minor revision. We'il start after the revision is over. About 3 is tender after month. Then the work begins.

Why are parking garages in the streets so expensive?

We're making it particularly expensive, but we don't have to worry about making money. Parking management is part of traffic management. You can't manage traffic without resolving people's parking problem. Parkokamat application does not prevent traffic flow. We do parking application, which is empty, where appropriate. Let's take Dolphin as an example. There is indoor parking, there is outdoor parking. Even so, I'm gonna park my car in the street, and it's got to be the price. If we don't do this, people leave their car here for hours.

Can't you do it for free?

Let's not charge the parkomat, before the trades are disturbed. Because the ones who leave the vehicle reduce the circulation. So this is not a policy of parking, the policy of monetization. Parking on the streets is most likely after New Year's Eve Belde A.Ş. To operate. Look, there are court orders on this subject, there's no parking here. The decisions of the Administrative Courts bind the parties to that work. This is the court decision. In the case in this case there was a parking lot at Leyla Atakan Street. We removed Leyla Atakan. Other places continue. It is not a proper referral, so do not give the parkomat the fee is not legal. Can we make it all free? We do, but until the 3 month everyone sees that this is a very bad thing.

Will Admiral Salim Dervişoğlu Street be a double road one day?

Yes it will happen. We are currently in the project phase. After the return of the kullar will be very fast section. Between the return of the gendarmes and the Kullar have ownership. Expropriation is required. It could be a little late. In this project, 2017 investment program Bu

This interview will be published in 17 August… So my last question is about earthquake. Kocaeli, how ready is the earthquake?

May Allah not let the painful days continue. The risks related to the earthquake have been reduced. We are largely ready.



Born in 1969 in Derince, Kocaeli, Tahir Büyükakın graduated from Derince Turgut Reis Primary School, İzmit Imam Hatip High School and İzmit Industrial Vocational High School, and graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Public Administration. Tahir Büyükakın, who started to work as a research assistant at Kocaeli University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics in 1993, completed his master's and doctoral studies respectively. In 2002, Kocaeli University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics Department of Economic Policy Assist. He was appointed as an associate professor. In 2007, he was appointed as the deputy head of the department. Büyükakın, who received the title of associate professor with his studies in the field of science of 'macroeconomics', also has studies in the field of economic crises and stabilization policies. Büyükakın, who speaks English well, is the Secretary General of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is married and has 3 children.

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