Level crossing accident 2 dead

Accident 2 dead at level crossing: A passenger train on the Konya-Uşak flight hit a minibus at the level crossing in Uşak's Banaz district.

The passenger train, which made the Konya-Uşak flight, hit the 03.30 AB 35 minibus under the direction of Ali Göçer (64) at the level crossing near Dilek Mahallesi in Banaz, at around 076:19 today. In the accident, the driver of the minibus, Ali Göçer, and İsmail Göçer (34), who was next to him, died and Neşet Gezgiç (XNUMX) was injured. It was reported that Gezgiç, who was taken to Banaz State Hospital, preserved his condition seriously.

Due to the accident, the passenger train continued its expedition after one hour delay.



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