Golden Installed Legend Train Found

The golden loaded legend found the train: it was claimed that Poland had lost its Nazi train in World War II and was said to be full of gold, jewelry and weapons.

The armored train is believed to have disappeared in the 1945 near the present-day Wroclaw city as Soviet forces approached.

A law firm in the south-west of Poland said that two people who had contacted them had found the train.

According to the Polish media, the people in question said they wanted the 10 of the train's contents.

Local news sites point out that the allegations of those two people match the legend that a train with gold and jewels disappeared near the fortress of Ksiaz during World War II.

The law office where the notice was made is in the town of Walbrzych, at a distance of 3 km to the fortress of Ksiaz.

Marika Tokarska from Walbrzych municipality said, ç yetkili Lawyers, the Army, the police and the fire department are interested in this. There were no excavations in this area. That's why we don't know what to find. Bu

'300 tons of gold'

According to two news sites in Walbrzych, there are barrels on the side of the train found.

According to the Polish website, one of the people who said they found the train is German and the other is Polish.

According to this site, the people in question cooperate with the emergency committee formed under the chairmanship of the mayor to investigate the allegations.

According to another site called Wiadomosci Walbrzyskie, the train is 150 meters long and carries 300 tons of gold. According to a historian Joanna Lamparska, the train loaded with gold and madde dangerous goods “is thought to have disappeared in a tunnel. Previous calls to the region were inconclusive.

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