Akşehir-Konya Raybüs Seferlerini 215 Person Preferred

Akşehir-Konya Raybüs Seferlerini 215 Person preferred: Raybüsü 215 citizens started their flights last Wednesday, learned that preferred.

It was learned that 4 was preferred by 215 until the day of the 10 expedition, which was coordinated with the High Speed ​​Train in Konya.


Currently, it takes 2 hours and 27 minutes from Rayşehir and Akşehir to Konya. It is learned that this time will decrease to 1.5 hours by changing the rail lines between Sarayönü and Konya, and the works are aimed to be completed by the end of 2016.

Full ticket to Konya-Akşehir 19,25 lira in Raybüs, members of the Turkish Armed Forces, 13-25 young people, members of the press have 20 discount applications. With this discount the price falls to 15,25 pounds. In addition, when the discount is applied for the elderly again, there is the possibility to reach 9,75 TL with a railroad to Konya.

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