Karşıyaka Another revision to the tram line

Karşıyaka Another revision to the tram line: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started construction in the past months Karşıyaka Tree revision came to the Tramway Project again. The municipality, which shifted the tram line passing through the coastline to the carriageway, also decided to cancel the Alaybey section, which is the most critical part of the line. A few weeks after the last revision decision, a stop change was made on the tram, which was switched to mixed traffic on the beach.

The number of stops decreased to 14
Karşıyaka It was learned that the road from the Ferry Pier to Alabey fell into 2 lanes and approximately 1 kilometer of the project was abandoned due to the green texture on the coast. With the determination of the Ferry Pier as the last station of the tram, the length of the line, which was 9,7 kilometers, was reduced to 8,7 kilometers, and the number of stops from 15 was reduced to 14.



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