YHT's new route is clear

YHT's new route has been announced: Alifuatpaşa-Sapanca between the high speed train temporarily used in the Sapanca'da 2 stage work of the High Speed ​​Train has been announced.


According to the new plans, the underpass will be opened to the Richmond Hotel and new arrangements will be made in the Gendarmerie underpass. The beach, Democracy and Vakif Street are connected by a roundabout and on the other side, the exit of the Democracy Street will meet with Özkum Street.


According to the new project, the YHT line starts to curl south from the existing railway route near the intersection of Kuva-i Milliye Street and Lise Street. The railway, which continues from the existing highway and parallel to the road, continues to curl to the south, including the corner of the covered market place in the north-east. The road continues from the middle of the Kardelen complex, but behind Imam Hatip High School. The road passing south of Basaran Site is about 3 km long tunnel near Kislu Street on Unluce Street. After the train passes through the viaduct in Akçay Valley, this time, it enters into a new tunnel with a length of 5 km.




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