Work started for Konak Tram

Work has begun for Konak Tramway: Konak is the time for the tram projects realized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 390 million lira and reaching 22 km.

in April KarşıyakaThe Metropolitan Municipality, which hit the first excavation and continues its work, is counting the days for Konak Tram. While the works for the infrastructure displacement on the route are continuing, construction activities have started at the construction site in Halkapınar. In the past months Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which started for the tram, turned the route to Konak in the modern tram project that will be integrated into the rail system.

Konak Tramway with 12,6 kilometer-long 19 stops and 9,7 kilometer-long 15 stops Karşıyaka The contractor company, which undertakes the construction of the tram line and the supply of 38 vehicles and spare parts that will work on these two lines, started construction works at the construction site established in the old garage area in Halkapınar. The contractor company, which started preliminary work on the old construction site next to the district garage in Üçkuyular, started work next to the ESHOT Garage in Halkapınar.

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