Why tramway specifications are prepared according to foreigners

Why the tram tender specifications are prepared according to foreigners: In order to develop new technologies, both domestic companies should be supported and they should feel the state behind them in the works and products they develop. Thus, Turkey's employment increase is provided, added value is generated and earned money stays in our country. But it can't be done. Because the public and municipalities tender specifications, prioritizing and encouraging domestic companies, the prohibition is placed in the tribal. No follow-up. In this way, foreign companies' friends, municipalities and public institutions to improve relations with the domestic companies in the tender to enter the competition and make their participation in the competition are prepared. The error I mentioned this time due to the tendency of the city rail system seems to have fallen Antalya Municipality.

In this corner, with the support of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar's success in the field of rail system brought to our country. but DurmazlarWas unable to carry its success in Bursa to the whole country due to the reasons listed above. Even İzmir Municipality did not give chance to local companies by taking rail system vehicle from abroad with more interesting tactics. However, this picture seems to change with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's tram tender in July 21.

According to the Public Procurement Law, a tender was held that did not prioritize foreigners through open tender procedure. Hyundai Rotem of South Korea and Turkey Durmazlar added. The manufacturer who has made the rope in the tender for the purchase of a low-floor tram for the 12 vehicle under the most economic conditions Durmazlar dead.

However, in some tenders, it is enough for national companies to prepare specifications to encourage domestic companies, and to go on competition under objective and fair conditions. But sometimes, that's even spared.

When the examples of the rail system in the world are examined, each country supports their domestic producers. Countries such as America, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, China, South Korea do not even give a chance to foreigners. Even in the last 20 year, the support of local companies in domestic and foreign markets has played a major role in the success of G. Korean companies. In some countries, considering the possibility of taking the tender of the foreign companies with the minimum amount of offset laws 60 put in their own country. Thus, the transfer of technology is opened.

In essence, if Antalya Municipality's 25nd stage "tram tender" of 2015 vehicles on August 18, 2 is held with this specification, it seems that the race will take place between 2 foreign companies. Warning from me ...

Source: Güntay Şimşek - I www.haberturk.co

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