Can trains be more speedy in rail transport?

Can trains speed faster in rail transport: Research is being conducted in Europe to increase the weight of railways in transport. In Romania, engineers are trying to ensure that more loads in wagons are transported faster. Variables such as braking distance are being tested.

In a study conducted in Romania, engineers are trying to ensure that more freight of freight trains is carried faster. Many variables, such as braking distance, are subject to testing in these studies.
Lighter wagons are made with new technology materials

Some innovations make these wagons lighter and less harmful to the rails. Some of them have sensors. Intelligent technologies make it easier to follow the movement and speed of the wagon in detail.

Cristian Ulianov, Specialist, Newcastle University: agon The basic innovation in these wagons is that they are structurally lighter than usual. As a basic building element, high quality steel products such as new technology beams and cold casting profiles such as this are used. Temel

Will it be possible to use these innovations in Europe's railway networks?
Researchers say the freight transportation industry is unfamiliar with innovation. They have avoided many important innovations in the past. The final project is therefore ready to use, technology-oriented and does not offer radical changes in the transport process.

Simon Iwnicki, Professor, University of Huddersfield Transport Engineering: “The project is totally innovative. We are now used in other areas in the transport industry, higher speed kazanWe bring together the latest innovations. But this will not lead to changes that are too big for the transportation industry to accept.”

Sound suppression materials are used to prevent noise emitted by trains

Researchers want to make sure that faster trains will not disturb those who live in areas close to railway networks. That's why they make noise measurements with the devices they have. Bu

Alexandru Patraşcu, Expert: üy There are various ways to reduce noise. One of them is to use sound quenching materials on trains. The other is to reduce the vibration of trains on the move. Di

With regard to vibration, researchers have developed very inexpensive pressure and speed meters. Measuring the damage on the tracks can reduce accidents and maintenance costs.

Researchers believe that rail transport will be more competitive and sustainable in the sector with more reliable and logistically efficient trains that go faster than 140 miles.

The coordinator of the research, Donato Zangani, describes the essence of his projects as ”sustainability öz and adds: Don In particular, environmental, social and economic. Finding long-term, sustainable solutions and making the railway preference more competitive compared to other transport systems. Uzun

Railway transport is believed to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly than road transport. Technological innovations can offer a better future for rail networks in Europe.

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