Train attack statement from Bingöl Governorship

A statement from the Bingöl Governorship: A statement from the Bingöl Governorship regarding the mine attack of the passenger train named Trans Asia, which made the Ankara-Tehran flight, in the Genç district of Bingöl.

Handmade mine rails were evaluated in advance and evaluated that the two wagons were damaged in the attack. The statement includes the following statements:

“While traveling on the 27th kilometer of the Elazığ-Tatvan railway in the Yoldaşan Village (28-147) area of ​​the Genç district of Bingöl province, the EYP / mine, which was considered to have been previously laid by the BTÖ members, was detonated during the passage of the last freight car. There was no loss of life as a result of the explosion that occurred, and material damage occurred in the rear two freight cars. The main body of the train has reached the young district center and the damaged two wagons are still at the scene. By the Bingöl provincial gendarmerie command, teams were assigned in the management of the young district gendarmerie command in order to make a detailed examination of the region. Bingöl provincial gendarmerie command will intervene urgently in any activity aimed at disturbing the peace of our citizens by illegal elements, and these and similar actions will not be given an opportunity. "



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