Underpass for relieving traffic in the bag

Underpass to ease the traffic in Torbalı: In the Torbalı district of İzmir, construction of the underpass was started at the junction of the closed market place of İZBAN line which caused controversy.

İZBAN train line, which is designed with the cooperation of TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and which will relax the city transportation in İzmir, extends to Torbalı district. The Municipality of Torbali started the construction of the underpass at the junction of the closed market place.

The Mayor of Torbalı Adnan Yaşar Görmez stated that the construction of the underpass, which will bring together the inhabitants of both sides of the city, is too late and that these should be solved years ago.

“It was known many years ago that the İZBAN line will arrive in Torbalı. No infrastructure work has been carried out due to a great lack of predictability. The city was divided into two, transportation in the district started to be a problem for both motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic. It seems almost technically impossible to find a rooted solution from now on. However, we try to solve the problem by making pedestrian underpasses or overpasses at certain points. When this pedestrian underpass, which we started to build, is over, the problem of pedestrian transportation between the two sides of our district will be solved to some extent. Our technical team is working on similar projects. ”

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