Luxembourg signs contract for new tram lines

Luxembourg Signed a Contract for New Tram Lines to be Opened: Luxtram, the Luxembourg city tram manager, will receive support from 3 different companies with the signed agreement. The agreement, which will cover a period of 3 years, was signed with the companies Transdev, Transama and Semitan. The agreement includes obtaining technical and administrative support from companies for the future light rail line to Luxembourg.

The first line planned to be built will be between Pont Rouge and Luxexpo. The opening of the service line will be in 2017 year. Other lines are expected to be launched in 2020 and 2021. The total length of the lines will be 16,2 km when the project is finished. The estimated daily passenger capacity of the 15 bus is 40000.

Last May, Luxtram agreed with the Spanish firm CAF to purchase 21 trams. Trams can be charged from CAF's Freedrive technology.


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