Why TCDD did not get new staff

Why TCDD could not recruit new staff: How the SEEs will recruit staff was regulated in the 2015 Investment and Financing Decree.

How all SEEs, especially TCDD, will recruit staff is regulated by the Investment and Financing Decree for 2015.


According to Article 4 of the Decree, each KIT can open and / or transfer personnel up to 2014% of the number of employees allocated in 75. In this regard, the board of directors of the public enterprise is authorized, there is no need to obtain permission from another place, including the Treasury.

Exception -1: However, permission is required from the Undersecretariat of Treasury for SEEs and subsidiaries that the Undersecretariat of Treasury envisages to transfer capital.
SEEs and their subsidiaries to be transferred are stated in the Communiqué as follows: TCDD, TİGEM, TTK, MKEK, ESK, ÇAYKUR and TEMSAN, TÜDEMSAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

According to this exemption, TCDD is required to obtain permission from the Treasury in order to receive 75% of the personnel leaving last year.

Exception-2: Requests for the appointment of a pilot, seaman and sea traffic operator and ARFF officer (airfield rescue and fire-fighting officer) on air traffic services provided that the personnel in question are employed only in the relevant area, It is not subject to a 75 percent limitation. These requests are evaluated separately from the Undersecretariat of Treasury.

Exception -3: Public undertakings, which are given audit and control functions for the determination of general lighting costs, may receive technical personnel with sufficient knowledge and experience on the subject, not to exceed a total of 100 people, provided that they are employed only in this area. This purchase is also not subject to a 75 percent limitation.


According to the decree,
- Those who are assigned to the tasks assigned by a joint decree and positions assigned to these duties,
- those specified in special laws, and
- Except for the volatile personnel to be employed in public enterprises operating in the civil aviation sector,
In the 2015 there will be no retirement of new personnel.


In 2013 or 2014, 2015 does not need an additional permission for the assignment processes that are started with the necessary permissions.


In case 2014 and 2015 are vacated within one year from the date of commencement of hiring of personnel belonging to the personnel who were recruited for the first time through open assignment, due to death, resignation or external and / or open assignment, the public enterprises shall not replace these personnel in 2015 the right to receive new staff.


In some exceptional cases such as the establishment of a new unit, R&D activities, requests will be sent to the PA or Undersecretariat of Treasury and then to DPB. If DPB approves, staff can be hired. The number of personnel to be appointed in addition to this paragraph cannot exceed 2014% of the number of personnel allocated in 25.


Contracted personnel recruitment to the SOEs is done through the central KPSS placement carried out by ÖSYM, and recruitment is done through İŞKUR.

1- Assignments to DHMI to the Trainee Air Traffic Controller, Assistant Air Traffic Controller and Trainee AIM Officer positions,
2- Assignments to be made to engineer positions to be employed in R & D units in undertakings operating in the field of defense industry and
3- In assignments to be made to the affiliates' National Train Project and the engineer positions to take part in
KPSS is searched but central placement is not applied. For these three exceptions, the applicants are required to take the written exam in the 20 level of the quotas. The selection process among the nominated candidates shall be carried out in accordance with the article 22 of 1 / 1990 / 399 dated and 8 Decree.


Decree 7. of 4. paragraph is as follows:

"Public undertakings, during the period 2015-2017, Turkey Business Council and, if mutual agreement of public undertakings, Turkey can provide guaranteed employment through staff training will be organized by the Employment Agency. Appointments to be made in this way are carried out primarily from the quota born under the first paragraphs of Articles 4 and 5, and if this is not sufficient, from the quota for the following years.

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